Clinical References Utilizing an Incise Drape

Comparison of efficacy and cost of iodine impregnated drape vs. standard drape in cardiac surgery: Study in 5100 patients

Bejko J, Tarzia V, Carrozzini M, Gallo M, Bortolussi G, Comisso M, Testolin L, Guglielmi C, De Franceschi M, Bianco R, Gerosa G, Bottio T

"The Ioban(®) 2 offered totally 773.495 € cost savings compared to standard steri-drape. Ioban 2 drape assured a significantly lower incidence of SSI. Additionally, Ioban(®) 2 drape proved to be cost-effective in cardiac surgery."

Antimicrobial activity and skin permeation of iodine present in an iodine-impregnated surgical incise drape

Casey AL, Karpanen TJ, Nightingale P, Conway BR, Elliott TS

"The iodine-impregnated surgical incise drape had detectable antimicrobial activity. Furthermore, iodine penetrated into the deeper layers of the skin. This property should suppress microbial regrowth at and around a surgical incision site, making its use preferable to the use of a standard drape or non-use of a drape."

Use of plastic adhesive drapes during surgery for preventing surgical site infection

Webster J, Alghamdi A

"There was no evidence from the seven trials that plastic adhesive drapes reduce surgical site infection rates, and some evidence that they increase infection rates. Further trials may be justified, using blinded outcome assessment to examine the effect of adhesive drapes on surgical site infection, based on different wound classifications."

Do plastic adhesive drapes prevent Post Caesarean Wound Infection?

Ward HRG, Jennings OGN, Potgieter P, Lombard CJ

A prospective, randomized, controlled double-blind trial of 603 patients undergoing cesarean section found that the use of plastic adhesive skin drapes had no effect on post cesarean section wound infection or length of post operative hospital stay for septic cases.

NICE Recommendation on Incise Drapes

Surgical site infection: prevention and treatment of surgical site infection

National Collaborating Centre for Women's and Children's Health (UK)

"Do not use non-iodophor-impregnated incise drapes routinely for surgery as they may increase the risk of surgical site infection.
If an incise drape is required, use an iodophor-impregnated drape unless the patient has an iodine allergy."